essay writing serviceComplete Orson Woodcock Testimonial:

We recently asked Orson Woodcock to test the Romina Art acrylic line and below is a very brief summary of our interview about what he thought of the paints. Orson has been getting in trouble since 3rd grade for drawing on his desk. He started painting at the age of 12 and has worked in the art supply industry for the past 12 years for two of the largest national art supply distributors in the US. As an accomplished artist and industry veteran, Orson is very familiar with all the acrylic paint brands in the market.
When asked what he thought of the Romina Art acrylic paints, the first words out of his mouth were: “Wow! Beautiful colors”.


What do you like about the colors?

I like how well they mix together. They are not graying out or getting muddy. Meaning the paints don’t become muted when mixed together. The colors stay very vibrant, indicating very high concentration of pigment.

What do you think about the consistency and texture?

The paint is able to hold great peaks or surface texture, even after drying, providing an oil-like feel and look. From color to color the texture and feel of the Romina Art acrylics are very consistent. The paint allows for great blending or painting with a lot of brush strokes. Another great quality is that it lays flat very well. Not everyone wants texture, ridges or to show brush strokes. The Romina Art acrylics lend themselves very well to various techniques. Allowing for rough textures, ridges, brushstroke, or real smooth.

What do you think about the finish and gloss?

That goes back to the texture and oil-like appearance. The paint looks and feels like oil paints without the odor.

How did you like working with the Romina Art acrylics?

At first I was skeptical since Romina Art is a new acrylic brand to the US. lam asked to test new products all the time and for the most part they don’t live up expectations. However, one night 1 started mixing and then didn’t want to put the brush down. “Why?” Because I was in that euphoric state of painting (with a laugh).

You mentioned surfaces and tools. What did you like about Romina Art acrylics on the surfaces you tested?

It’s perfect for the knife painter as well as the brush painter. You get to mix the colors really well. It holds the ridges very well and you get great textures from it. It worked really well on linen canvases as well as cotton canvases.

What other artist grade acrylics would you compare the Romina Art acrylics to? I would compare them to Golden Artist acrylics, and Rembrandt and I think it is better than Liquitex acrylics. It definitely mixes better and looks better than Liquitex.

Since Romina Art is new to the very competitive US market what do you think the artists should know? Especially with all the cheap imports as well as the established brands already out there?

First of all it’s not a bargain basement acrylic. It’s a very high quality paint that will be a rival for the major brands like Golden and Liquitex. These brands are established and have lots of marketing money but on a quality scale the Romina Art acrylics are very, very comparable and should do well in the US.

Why do you think an artist should use a high quality acrylic paint like Romina Art? That is a very subjective question, because some artists don’t really care. Some might actually purchase house paint, and they do. However, for the artist that is looking to create a quality work, they would do well using Romina Art acrylics, because you get a higher p1gm ant load, stronger tint mix and better quality work in terms of the appearance of the work upon completion. And the painting will last longer and will not fade as will some other paints with lower pigment load.essay writing service